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An Independant Label

Verveine Records is the independant label we created to promote our music and the music of our friends.

Its is a French nonprofit organization, ruled by the law of the 1st of July 1901 (according to French law), created in March 2023.

The goal of this organization is music promotion by the means of events organization, music production and artist management.


Volunteering is the rule concerning the organization: all donations and receipts are kept and used by the legal person, i.e. the organization, without any distribution to the directors or the members, despite their work and their investment.

All donations et benefits will go directly to the organization, and will be reinvested into the project.


Verveine Records, 8 rue de Fécamp, 75012 Paris

SIREN: 923212971

RNA: W751268816


Name Role
Olivier Cléro Président
Lara Martinovic Trésorière et secrétaire


Date Document
02/03/2023 Statuts de l’association
02/03/2023 Procès verbal - Assemblée générale constitutive
07/03/2023 Parution au Journal officiel
15/03/2023 Avis de situation au répertoire SIRENE